If God Had a BlackBerry

Once upon a time, Blackberry phones were considered the businessmen phones. As of today, the Blackberry frenzy has hit the entire world. It’s become the most “happening” thing at the moment and with “happening” I can assure you, I literally mean it. Everyone I see is either walking around with it, talking about it, randomly BBM-ing their BBM friends. It’s pretty freaky how technology is taking over today. It definitely has its cons and it is kind of pathetic but hey, we are a phone-obsessed generation, I won’t argue with that and well personally speaking the Blackberry tech amazes me. I love how it makes the mighty planet seem smaller where I can keep in touch with my loved ones whether they’re in the next room, around the corner, another city or even another continent. BBM goes BAM! Everything is just a ting-ting away.

One fine day, God was taking a walk in the lawns of heaven. He looked down from above and wondered why the human world lately was so hooked up on to this piece of electronic device. Everyone he looked at was engaged doing things with their Blackberry whether it was the zealous working business men, the glamorous celebrities, the presidents of nations, the younger generation, teenagers, even school-going premises. He wondered what was going on with the human world and their new obsession and he decided to find out. God sent for his undercover messenger to get him a Blackberry from earth. Had he been using it for a couple of days and guess what? He was amazed at this human creation. He could connect with the human world, his pals, the devil if necessary, his angels, his messengers, his devotees and everyone else. God was super happy with his gadget! It made sense to him why it was nick-named “Crack berry”, it was oh-so-addictive. It even worked up there in heaven. We all know, as a matter of fact, there’s a Blackberry for everyone! 🙂


Written By : Esha Saxena (Giveaway BlackBerry 7 Smartphone campaign)