Magento Architecture

Preliminary core modules In Magento & their dependency diagram :

Core Modules


Essential Magento Extensions

Hi Every1,

Following are some of the essential Magento Extensions that you can use in your Magento Commerce Projects based on the requirements :

MatrixRates – Multiple Tablerates – Developed By WebShopApps
Blog – Community Edition – Developed By Aheadworks
Enhanced Admin Products Grid – Developed By WDCA
Magento Easy Lightbox – Developed By TemplatesMaster
Vertical Navigation with CSS Classes – Developed By Rico Neitzel
Bestsellers module – Developed By varyous
Unirgy Gift Certificates – Developed By Unirgy
Exploded Menu – Developed By Raptor
Magento EasyTabs – Developed By TemplatesMaster
MostViewed module – Developed By varyous
Events Calendar – Developed By MathieuF
Featured Products – Developed ByInchoo
Teaserbox – Developed By velite
Attributes manager – Developed By mathphp
Magento Module Creator – Developed By Daniel Nitz
Latest Reviews – Developed By Morningtime
Ogone – Developed By Morningtime
Internetkassa ( Payment Gateway For NL ) – Developed By Morningtime
Custom address fields requirements – Developed By Tobias Renger
Scalena News Module – Developed By Anthony Charrex
Email Template Adapter – Developed By Finn
IKT Order Export – Developed By hilderonny
Magento Facebook Like Button – Developed By TemplatesMaster
Developer Tools – Developed By centerax
Flagbit FAQ – Developed By Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG
Flagbit Feed Reader – Developed By Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG
Testimonial – Developed By Raj Trivedi
Cdb_DeveloperToolbar – Developed By stefan.wieczorek
Promotion RSS feed – Developed By MiuraConseil
SimpleTags – Developed By Raimon Esteve
Image Clean – Developed By defcon2
Interakting slider – Developed By
MW_DeveloperToolbar – Developed By Mage-World
Lazzymonks Blog – Developed By lazzymonk
Lazzymonks Twitter – Developed By lazzymonk
Magento EasyFlags – Developed By TemplatesMaster

I have mentioned the names of respected developers / companies / agencies / contributors who have developed/contributed this extensions to Magento Market Place.

A Big Thanks 2 Entire Magento Team & All The Above Mentioned Developers / Companies / Agencies / Contributors. Keep up the Good Work. 🙂

P.S: Some of the extensions are useful to all the Magento Developers for Development Purpose only.

Enjoy the Magento Power. Cheers 😉